What Is Mo+?

Mo+ is a leading edge technology that fully supports model oriented development, allowing software developers to powerfully scale the work they already do. Mo+ (short for model oriented plus) includes the Mo+ model oriented programming language and tools for effective model oriented development.

There are three approaches that are proven to be effective for many software development applications:modelingtemplate based code generation, and object oriented programmingMo+ is the first technology to merge these approaches, and evolve them into a truly model oriented approach for effective model oriented development.

Mo+ uniquely combines focused and flexible models, a powerful model oriented programming language, and a complete integrated development environment to build and maintain models, and from those models create and maintain code and other documents in many flexible ways.

The Mo+ language has some similarities to C# or Java, but has features geared towards creating models, walking through model data, and generating code.

Mo+ Solution Builder is the environment (IDE) that gives users the ability to view and edit Mo+ models, view, edit, and debug Mo+ templates, and to initiate tasks to update models and output.

A Mo+ model is a simple platform independent, tier independent representation of a system or solution that users desire to create code or some other kind of output for.  Advanced users have the ability to add to the existing model structure or create their own model structures to suit their needs.